Santa Claus stops in Kasabonika

img_2262Kasabonika Lake News
Alexandre Anderson
December 9, 2016

Santa and his two elves arrived in Kasabonika Lake this morning courtesy of Wasaya Airways. They made their merry way to Chief Simeon McKay Education Centre. Starting with the Junior Kindergartens, Santa and the elves made their way classroom to classroom to spread Christmas cheer.

img_2233The students were very happy seeing Santa and his elves. The elves gave out Christmas candy to each student. A few kids gave Santa a high five, and some students mentioned what they’d like for Christmas, many wanted ice skates. Some students asked Santa questions, such as “What’s your favourite kind of cookie?” He responded with a classic – “Chocolate Chip.”


Senior kindergarten, the students were all filled with joy when Santa came into the classroom. The elves gave out candies to the students, then the students gave Santa high fives and before leaving the class, we took a class picture with Santa and his elves.


Grade 1, all the students were excited seeing Santa, students gave Santa some art made from the students, and of course the elves gave out candies to the students.


Grade 2, the students were all filled with happiness and smiles. Each students received a bag of candy from the elves. Santa shook hands with the students.

Even though they ran out of candy, Santa was still able to visit all the good little children and boys.



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