News Bulletin for February 1, 2017

Dylan Fox and Clinton Winter participating in a youth leadership activity
Kasabonika Lake News
February 1, 2017

Today is a mix of sun and clouds and it’s -22 but feels like -35

  • Funeral Service for Dennis Pemmican is scheduled for Friday at 1pm in Kasabonika. A viewing will be held at Sioux Lookout Funeral Home on Thursday
  • There’s a memorial feast for Late Lena Anderson tonight at the Small Business Center at 6:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. Journalists for Human Rights postponed movie night until February 2 due to the feast.
  • The Wunnumin Lake winter road crew has reached a checkpoint at North Road according to a Facebook post by John Winter. They ran into problems last week with heavy equipment needing repairs. North Road to Neawangank is finished but needs more flooding. However it’s predicted to be safe for light traffic by the weekend. Updates on Checkpoint to Neawangank are expected later today.
  • The heath director is still looking to fill four positions. They need a medical clerk to distribute medicine at detox, A mental health worker and two family well being workers. Anyone interested should apply as soon as possible because the positions are needed immediately.
  • Sargent Kyle Grudniski is on call as of Monday until Monday February 6 at 8am. He can be reached after hours at 807- 729- 6211 or through the communication center (1-888-310-1122).
  • This weekend the Kasabonika Flames are headed to Neskatanga for a hockey tournament. The championship prize is $20 000. GOOD LUCK!
  • About five people participated in a youth leadership program today as part of Ontario Works there will be a pie making workshop on Friday. Contact OW for more information.

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