News Bulletin: February 7, 2017


Firearms Safety Course in the School Gym

Kasabonika Lake News
February 7, 2017

– 22 feels like -24; Light snow expected later

News Bulletin:

  • The winter road is now open to Kasabonika for light traffic only. Toll fees have increased by ten dollars each way ( $30). Check out our safety travel tips article here.
  • The Kasabonika Flames placed third in the Neskatanga hockey tournament last week taking home a $6000 consolation prize. They are headed to King Fisher Lake for another tournament from the 8-11. They’ll compete for a $15 000 championship prize. The Kasabonika Eagles and Warriors are also competing.
  • There’s no school this week because the teachers are in Thunder Bay for the Mamawiichidowin Educators Helping Each Other Conference. The conference takes place every year and focuses on teacher skill-sharing in Northern Ontario to improve the education they deliver. School will resume Monday, February 13.
  • The Kasabonika Hotel is ready to host winter road travelers. There is now a sign up 19 km outside the town.
  • Ontario Works hosted another wood cutting workshop today. The Firearms Safety Course is taking place all week at the school gym. As well Embroidery Lessons are tonight at 5:30 pm at the Resource Center.

    Firearm Safety photo by Elijah Begg; Feature photo by Bill Mekanak


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