Winter road open to Kasabonika

16650366_869510843192022_97137043_nKasabonika Lake News

Tyance Anderson
February 7, 2017

The winter road is finally open to Kasabonika Lake for light traffic until further notice. Many community members are eager to hit the “white highway” but before they do, here are some rules and safety tips:

  • Vehicles need 4×4 capability, registration, plates and insurance. Drivers need a valid license.
  • Let someone know your destination and estimated time of arrival before you leave
  • Travelling by moonlight increases visibility because headlights reflect longer distances off of snow. Slow down and dim headlights for oncoming and passing traffic. Move over for commercial truck traffic.
  • Drive according to road conditions and maintain control of your vehicle at all times. Fast moving vehicles risk building waves under the ice that can break the ice in front of them when the wave hits the shoreline. Slow down when approaching shorelines.
  • Always drive slightly right of the center of the road. Ice is weaker where snow banks are built up. Leave space between vehicles to stop safely. Roads are very slippery.
  • If you see water on ice or land – do not proceed. It may be unsafe.
  • Watch out for animals, bumps, hills and blind curves.
  • Toll is collected at checkpoint. $30 one way or $60 return. All northbound vehicles are subject to search.
  • Do not travel on closed roads and be alert for others in distress and needing help. You may be the only person who can help for hours or kilometers and it may be a matter of life or death.

What to bring:

  • Winter clothing and blankets
  • Flashlight, candles, matches, flares
  • Toilet paper and other personal toiletries
  • Food
  • Vehicle repair tools (booster cables, jack, spare tire, shovel, antifreeze, tow equipment)
  • Shovel, axe
  • Extra fuel
  • Two way or CB radio or satellite phone

Safe travels!

Photo by: Trudence Mekanak 




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