News Bulletin: February 15, 2017

High school students at CSMEC spent the day learning about traditional crafts from Elders. (Photo by Micah Anderson)
Kasabonika Lake News
Tyance Anderson
February 15, 2017

Weather: -17 feels like -22 and it’s sunny

  • Kasabonika Lake’s Community Energy Plan is in its final stages of drafting. In partnership with the Shibogama Tribal Council and the Pembina Institute the plan describes the community’s goals for energy over the next five years. A community meeting took place today to gathered the community’s last input on the plan. Approximately 30 people were in attendance including several high school students. Many recommendations were described to increase energy efficiency and literacy in the community. The final draft of the plan should be wrapped up within the next few months.
  • The Kasabonika Men’s Hockey Tournament takes off today at 5pm. Due to Sandy Lake not arriving yet there will be four games tonight.Game 1: Kas Eagles vs Kas Islanders
    Game 2: Kas flames vs Kas Warriors
    Game 3: KingFisher Flyers vs Team Webequie
    Game 4: Eagles vs Michikan Mavericks
  • A plane from Pickle Lake is expected to arrive sometime tomorrow filled with food hampers for the community. The hampers full of dry goods such as flour and oats are brought in by the band once a year and distributed one per household. Stay tuned to the radio station tomorrow for the pick up times.
  • The Sioux Lookout area Aboriginal Management board will be in the community next week. They will be conducting a Human Resources and skills inventory survey. It is important for as many community members as possible to participate because the information gathered will be used to determine Kasabonika’s present and future needs in training and employment. This information will help SLAAMB secure funding for future community development. Kasabonika Lake news will keep you posted when and where.
  • Ontario Works needs more people to sign up for their drivers course on February 27-28. Contact John Semple.Featured Image: Community members participate in the Community Energy Plan survey

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