Flames take hometown championship

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Kasabonika Lake News
Tyance Anderson
Photos by Juliet Anderson
February 20, 2017

Yesterday’s 2017 Kasabonika Men’s Hockey Tournament championship game was an intense one between the Kasabonika Flames and last year’s champs the Sandy Lake Riverhawks. The Kasabonika Flames won their hometown championship 4-3, after an exciting comeback towards the end of the game.

The Riverhawks led the game 2-0 until second period, despite the Flames outshooting them, their goalie seemed to catch every goal. By third period, the Riverhawks led 3-1 and it seemed as if they’d be the reigning champs. Within the last ten minutes of the game, the Flames scored two goals, tieing it up and pushing the game into overtime.

With $20 000 on the line, and a title to hang on to, the Sandy Lake Riverhawks put up a fierce fight against the Flames in overtime, who in return fought fire with fire. Neither team was able to score, despite two players from each team earning rare penalties in overtime.

In the shootout the Riverhawks and Flames matched each other shot for shot, miss for miss. The Riverhawks missed on their fourth try. The Flames’ Randall Angees scored the winning shootout goal on the team’s fourth attempt, and the arena erupted in cheers.

The championship game followed another close match for the B-Side title between the Kingfisher Flyers and the Michikan Mavericks. The Mavericks led most of the game until the Flyers were able to tie it up toward the end. The game went to shootout, with the Flyers’ Sean Mamakwa scoring the winning goal, finishing the game 5-4.

The Kasabonika Eagles were the C-Side champs winning 7-1 versus the Kasabonika Islanders. The Islanders put up a good fight, but the shooting power of the Eagles quickly overcame them. Troy Anderson and Justin Anderson each pulled hat-tricks for the Eagles.

Organizer Stella Stoney said the entire tournament wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of fellow organizers Cheyanne Meekis, Raymond Morris and Darcy McKay, as well as the help of Tom and Phillip Semple, and Northern Store manager Sheheryar Khan for the champions’ feast. As well many community members helped out by watching door, and cooking for the teams and hosting them.

“Out of it all I had a really good time, it was tiring but worth it all,” said Stoney. “I did it all for the youth.”

2017 Kasabonika Men’s Hockey Tournament Awards & Recipients:

Best Right Wing (Sponsered by Jacob Anderson): Terrence Semple – Kasabonika Flames

Best Left Wing (Sponsored by  Fedor McKay): Tyler Fox – Michikan Mavericks

Best Right Defense (Sponsored by Aria Anderson): Troy Anderson – Kasabonika Eagles

Best Left Defense (Sponsored by Darcy McKay): Jack McKay – Michikan Mavericks

Best Centre (Sponsored by Stella Stoney): Jarvis Angees – Kasabonika Flames

Top Scorer (Sponsored by Stella Stoney): Ezra Yellowhead – Kingfisher Flyers

Most Sportsmanship (Sponsored by Jessie Stoney): Shane McKay – Michikan Mavericks

Most Valuable Player (Sponsored by Vietta Anderson): Randall Angees – Kasabonika Flames

Best Goalie (Sponsored by Conrad McKay): Nathan Singleton – Kingfisher Flyers

Best Coach in memory of late Gordon McKay (Sponsored by Recreation): Bernie Crow – Sandy Lake Riverhawks

Danny Wabasse Memorial Award (Sponsored by Danny Sr Wabasse):  Leon Mamakwa – Kasabonika Warriors

Wayne Begg Memorial Award (Sponsored by Sarah Begg): Gary Anderson – Kasabonika Warriors

Eric Cheechoo Memorial Award (Sponsored by Greta Cheechoo): Jared Sugarhead – Kingfisher Flyers

Frank Wallace Semple Memorial Award (Sponsored by Journey Brown): Eric Goodman – Sandy Lake Riverhawks




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