News Bulletin: February 22, 2017

Photo Courtesy by:  Noah Martin

Kasabonika Lake News
Tyance Anderson
February 22, 2017

Weather: -7 feels like -13; overcast

  • The Winter Road will remain closed today, but will be reopening tomorrow. The slushy roads and creeks overflowing just a few kilometers away from Wunnumin Lake, the Kingfisher checkpoint and turnoff make the road unsafe to travel. The winter road crew will be fixing it up today to be ready for tomorrow.
  • The Kasabonika Flames, Warriors and Islanders are headed to Wunnumin for the annual Men’s Hockey Tournament. The tournament starts tomorrow, and the championship prize is $20 000.
  • SLAAMB is in the community doing surveys about training and skillsets. They  are gathering information to better fund programs and skill-building workshops in Kasabonika. They need to know the community’s needs, and everyone should participate. Contact Kellie Winter to do the survey, or do it online here:
  • The Movie Night will be starting around 6pm if anyone wants to come watch. Trick or Treaty is a documentary about the 1905 signing of Treaty #9. Kasabonika is part of the 1929 Treaty #9 revision. There will be chicken fingers and fries, and door prizes for anyone that’s coming to watch.
  • The Dentist will be in Kasabonika on March 6-17 if anyone wants to be seen, Contact the Nursing Station
  • Complaints about slow internet have people wondering when the upgrade will be completed. It is estimated to not be finished until June 2017.

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