News Bulletin: February 28, 2017

Kasabonika Flames VS Michikan Mavericks Saturday night in Wunnumin

Kasabonika Lake News
Micah Anderson
February 28, 2017

Weather: Today it’s -15 Clear skies, Not that windy. Nice day to go for walks in Kasabonika

  • Kasper Aviation is waiting on one document to be signed by Transport Canada to be able to fly. Check Kasabonika Lake News tomorrow for the full story.
  • Welfare day today go get your cheques at Johnson’s office if you made a loan already or the welfare office
  • Wunnumin lake Men’s hockey tournament wrapped up yesterday Overall winners
    A-Side champions: Fort Hope Bushtown Jets
    B-Side champions  Kas Flames
    C Side champions K.I Nativewings
    Best goalie award goes to Wade Anderson of Kas Warriors/Eagles
    C-side Finalist Kas Warriors
  • Bingo today in the evening. 60$ a booklet. 5000$ jackpot
  • A workshop on the future of journalism in Kasabonika will be held Wednesday, March 1st at 6PM in Resource Centre . Everybody is welcome
  • Court is Thursday (March 2nd) in the School Gym
  • Northern Store Manager In Kas wants to remind people that:
    Protecting your mail
    In order for Canada Post Corporation to ensure the security and privacy of your mail items, please be advised that it is against Canada Post Corporation policy for the postal clerk to check your lock box (Postal Box) or hand out your mail over the Counter.
    We cannot advise if mail has arrived over the phone as we cannot identify who is on the line, if you have a tracking number we would be glad to provide details
    Remember that it is your responsibility to bring your Post Office Box key with you to obtain access to your mail.
    If you have lost your keys, the registered holder of the Post Office Box is responsible to:
    • Advising the clerk of the lost keys.
    • Pay to have the lock/keys replaced on the assigned post office box at the current rate.
    • Any additional copies of the keys that are required are the responsibility of the Post Office Box holder.
    Once a paid request to replace the lock has been completed, only then will mail be handed out over the counter until the lock/key is replaced, then regular service will resume
    Note: Mail being delivered without a key can only be given to the person the mail is addressed to with Photo ID.
    Please direct questions or comments relating to the processes to Canada Post by calling 1-866-607-6301
    Thank you for your cooperation
    Canada Post Corporation”




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