Kasper Aviation ready to fly

Photo courtey Kasper Aviation Inc Facebook page

Kasabonika Lake News
Micah Anderson
March 1, 2017 

Kasper Aviation Inc. is ready to fly again. They’re just waiting on one signature from Transport Canada.

The company was grounded on December 13, 2016 for failing to comply with regulations.

Initially CBC reported the failure to comply was safety related, however owner Kasper Wabinski stated the license was suspended because he did not have a Chief Pilot and office manager at the time.

“If I don’t have all the people on staff, I can’t hold the license. Somehow that whole story got turned into by the competition that it was a safety thing,” said Wabinski. “It never was a safety thing, it was a bureaucracy thing.”

The company has seven reports in the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence System (CADORS) including landing without runway lights, an oil leak and striking a bird.

“We have the second least amount of air occurrences from all airlines,” said Wabinski. “So for example I have four or five, Wasaya has 800 occurrences to give you a perspective.”

Since the license suspension Wabinski hired the necessary staff and restructured to better service the Northern communities they fly to.

“I have new partners,” said Wabinski. “We have a little bit more experience and structure corporately and we’re ready to go again.”

Previously the airline was based out of Dryden but now will mainly operate out of Pickle Lake. People can still drop cargo off at the Dryden warehouse and Kasper Aviation will determine whether to ground transport it to Pickle Lake or pick it up by air in Dryden.

“We just want to avoid people having the challenges of trying to figure out where their stuff is, who’s transporting it, there’s just too many parties involved,” he explained. “It’s better because we can focus on offering more streamlined service here, to avoid too many handovers and handoffs.”

The company also implemented a barcode system to better keep track of cargo. Customers will be able to track their shipments at every stage.

“The winter break was good because it let us take care of a lot of these challenges that exist. Nobody in Northern Ontario uses barcode scanning or barcode tracking,” explained Wabinski.

The bar code system will roll out this week, and Kasper already has trips planned. The minute they get the signature, they’ll be flying, he says.

“We’ll be back to service in Kasabonika like we were before,”said Wabinski. “I don’t think people should have any concerns because we have no accidents, we have no incidents, we have a few aviation occurrences but they happen to everybody in aviation.”






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